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CNC machined aluminum parts for rifle scope
  • Features

    Material: Aluminum 6082-T6

    Accuracy: 0.005-0.1mm

    Surface treatment:Black delustering hard anodic oxidation (oxide film40μm)

    Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs

    Surface roughness: Ra 0.4-1.6 or as requirements

    Process: CNC turning+cnc milling+surface treatment

    Product application: Defense

  • Descriptions

    Xavier has deep experience in machining components and custom cnc machining for the defense industry. We offer high quality manufacturing and CNC machining services in the industry. We combine advanced Computer Numerical Control equipment on the market with highly skilled and experienced personnel to offer exceptional machining services that will fit your business needs. Xavier providing our customer with a complete product from drawing to completion, i.e. a tested and assembled component, is essential in providing a competitive, customer focused service.

    Process: CNC turning+cnc milling+surface treatment

    All the specifications of the hole & arc surface and other structures must be concentric, concentricity ≤0.005mm. 

    The parts for install lens part must done surface treatment of black delustering hard anodic oxidation, and use rods/bar material, pipe not allowed to use.The pipe production process affect the scope product life directly. 

    Key elements: The product length is >250mm, which belongs to deep hole cnc turning. It has strict roughness requirements. In the process of machining, it is necessary to strictly control the tools vibration and chatter mark.

    Need help with our cnc machining service? Contact us today for more info.


  • Application: Rifle Scopes 


    Rifle Scopes


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