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Adress:Area C, Floor 1,Building A3,Yijing Industrial Area, Songbai Road3055#,ShenZhen,Guangdong Province.China

Xavier offer a fully capable, integrated manufacturing ecosystem that effectively meets the wide-ranging demands of customers around the world. Xavier’s manufacturing ecosystem, with a series of integrated and strength local network, supports the entire manufacturing value-stream. We are focused on building a sustainable and competitive platform that cover entire manufacturing process: Material Processing, Casting, Die casting, Forging, Machining Fabrication, Surface, Treatment, Assemblies, etc. that facilitate less production cycle time, saving on cost of transportation and reduced time-to-market on projects.

Xavier Shenzhen

Xavier is a comprehensive company provide solutions and precision manufacturing, specialized in manufacturing products and components with tight tolerances and complicated shapes. With our rich industry experience  and technique, our Engineering design team and staffs can offer one stop shop service from concept to delivery.

CNC Machining is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses cutting tools to remove material from a block of raw material or a pre-existing part. Utilizing latest CNC machines, Xavier have provided precision machining parts services for civil aviation, automotive industries etc.
At present,we have Korean 3 axis, 4-axis CNC machine-tools in our R&D Center mainly provide CNC machining services, CNC milling services, CNC Turning services, Metal Cutting etc for prototype, small and midume volume production. This Center in Shenzhen mainly offer solution involved Civil Aviation and Civil products. Welcome to visiting Xavier in Shenzhen.


Xavier branch mainly machining aerospace seat parts,Helicopter parts,  landing gear parts, aircraft parts in Xi’an city, and facilities in the designated area and not accept clients visiting for confidentiality requirement.  

Xavier Europe


Xavier Europe branch in Belgium offer Door to Door service for Europe market.

Our Europe design team in Brussels can visit clients in Europe to communicate the design details and solutions in early stage.

Our Europe team(Meerkat Design BVBA) will visit our clients to assess the credit and scale of company, offer Financial support such as monthly payment or cash on delivery etc according to clients credit.

Our team will visit clients in Europe and offer after sales service to ensure quality meets clients requirements. To handle unexpectedly emergency, such as quality problem caused by drawing revise version etc.     








Casting can save the machining cost in some cases. For big volume parts or complex products. Our casting sub-contractor do the first processing by casting, then we do secondary processing by machining will save material,production cost and time. Casting is the process from which solid metal shapes are produced by filling voids in molds with liquid metal. The basic steps involved in making castings are pattern-making, molding, melting and pouring, shakeout and cleaning, heat treating, and inspection. Precision and tolerances that can be achieved through the computerized automated design process and modern methods for producing the detailed cores and molds.  Secondary processing: additional processing may include machining, coating etc.   No matter what casting method your project requires, our hand-in-hand partners consistently deliver high quality cast metal products that meet or exceed expectations. 

Die Casting 


If you need better mechanical properties or the product shape is too complex, our collaborating supplier can make your product by die casting. Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is poured or forced into steel molds. The molds—also known as tools or dies—are created using steel and are specially designed for each project. This allows each component to be created with accuracy and repeatability. Aluminum, zinc, and magnesium are the most commonly used die casting alloys.  Die casting can be used to produce parts from zinc and aluminum, and is ideal for smaller pieces and more intricate part designs.  Our Partner who has been dedicated to providing companies with superior die casting and tooling, along with metal finishing and CNC machining through state of the art machinery and processes. Specializing in aluminum and zinc alloys, engineers and production staff will develop a high pressure die casting process that will produce your parts economically and with reliable quality. 

Sheet metal and Stamping 

Sheet metal punching and die stamping are two processes used to create parts from large sheets of metal. Both processes are performed on cold metal sheets but selecting a process depends on your application and product requirements.

Our collaborating sub-contractor can offer solution for sheet metal stamping.  Their precision metal stamping machines – utilize an advanced press control system integrated with in-die sensor technology to efficiently produce a wide variety of parts for low to high-volume projects. The stamping scope is wide-reaching for multiple industries from producing a 5mm part utilized in industrial controls to a 80cm part applied to equipment.

Our partnerships enable the integrated ecosystem in providing value-added capabilities through our strength local network. We offered more superior-quality Product by constantly optimizing production methods, easy to communicate. The philosophy of Xavier to boost the quality of manufacturing through collaboration and partnership, that ultimately help build an efficient manufacturing ecosystem and carry out highest value add.

We can sharing this ecosystem to our VIP Customers. Contact us to learn more.