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Adress:Area C, Floor 1,Building A3,Yijing Industrial Area, Songbai Road3055#,ShenZhen,Guangdong Province.China


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Nowadays, when you want a reliable supplier to provide completed finished custom CNC machined parts. In this way you do not need to contact other suppliers and can save time and effort. We offer OEM service of machined parts for you:

The following briefly describes the process flow of this, which also shows that we can provide customers with first-class one-stop service:

Received samples or drawings: Clients have samples or drawings, our design team can easy to understand and capture design intent and guide design modifications. We can assess from concepts & former exist parts or Prompt&Accurate Quotation.

Project cost evaluation: Offer the best production technology according to products market orientation and quantity. such as cnc machining, or casting/forging first before cnc machining.

Prototyping for testing: We can design concept products to meet individual requirements; taking them from 3D design to model prototyping following engineering design process CNC machining/ 3D printing small quantities of finished products for proofing.

CNC machining jigs & fixtures/ molds: Our design team can design, manufacture and assemble a range of customized jigs and fixtures/molds to enhance manufacturing process. Our engineering team offers mechanical design support and 3D Scanning capabilities to support product development process. All jigs and fixtures/molds are developed to fit your exact specification, complying with stringent quality standards for complete confidence in achieving durable, stable and repeatable parts. 

Batch production: The final product being produced based on the actual order requirements after sample proofing.

Delivery: We will provide QC report after strict quality check. Preventing shipment damage packing and ensure delivery dates are maintained

We are committed to offering the best product possible, and more and more clients have benefit from our one stop service. We value our close working relationship. Connection doesn’t end when we ship clients product.  We will follow-up to confirm client’s project success and assist .with future requirements to make sure their next run is even better.