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Adress:Area C, Floor 1,Building A3,Yijing Industrial Area, Songbai Road3055#,ShenZhen,Guangdong Province.China

    In 2013
Xavier registered in Hong Kong and began to explore the international market.Xavier provide professional metal cutting, casting, forging, die-casting, stamping and other services, design and manufacture precision components and composite non-standard parts for the global defense, aerospace, automotive, medical and mechanical industries.

    In 2014
Xavier signed cooperation agreements with two design companies in Belgium and Germany. The Engineering designers own professional experience more than 15 years. They mainly provide service for European and North American customers, including product structure design, cost analysis, assembly testing, technical support and after-sales service etc. We work together to offer low-cost, high-quality precision parts, provide on-site service in Europe, achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win.

     In 2015
Xavier registered in Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Free Trade and Cooperation Zone located in of Shenzhen. The business scope of this region is parts for defense parts, aircraft parts, auto parts, engine power parts, medical equipment, mechanical parts, technology research and development; mechanical structure, hydraulic system, gear power transmission system technology research and development; new composite material molding solutions design and development; hardware parts, Spare parts and components, component development and production management import and export. In this Free Trade and Cooperation Zone, business logistics is faster, export declaration is more convenient.

    In 2017
Xavier imported more high-precision CNC machining equipment and precision Inspection and Measuring Equipment to constant upgrading product quality. 

     In 2018
Xavier utilizing EROWA, SANKYO tools standard parts,and independently designed non-standard automatic tooling fixture replacement program to improve production intelligence, improve production efficiency and increase enterprise competitiveness.

     In 2019
Xavier invited TÜV Rheinland to conduct the aviation system AS9001D, ISO9001: 2015 practical review and certification.

    In July 2016
ISO 9001:2008& GBJ9001-certified.

Marked:GJB9001 military product quality management system, it is according to the regulations on the military product quality management (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), on the basis of ISO9001 standards, increase the special requirements of establishment of military products. The release and implementation of military series standard has promoted the rapid development of the construction of the quality management system of military products, which has promoted the improvement of the quality and reliability of military products. 
Obtain the conditions for certification 
Should have the corresponding qualifications, (such as business license, organization code, relevant state administrative examination and approval of qualification or trade qualification), have the relevant facilities and resources, can operate normally. Can provide a record of operation activities for more than three months. The products shall be directly or indirectly used by the troops and related departments. 

Xavier specializes in precision Machining and provide 

one stop shop service carrying out projects from 

conception through completion. ISO 9001:2008-certified.

Combination of highly skilled team and cutting edge

equipment allows Xavier to serve many clients such 

as AVIC, Alstom, Connect Group, Bombardier, 

Martin-Baker, Zodiac, DRS Technologies, Hoffman

etc for years. Their products covers engine, aircraft 

seating, night vision etc. A large number of design 

and processing cases have been completed in the


Using advanced technology to carve the world brand, Xavier takes high precision as the enterprise

spirit and core values, to provide customers with OEM service in the CNC processing industry .

Customer satisfaction, our pursuit.

In terms of manufacturing, more than 25 years of work experience mechanical engineers are responsible for product process analysis. Combined with ISO9001 quality management system:


▶ Each part base on the material, quantity, performance parameters required to improve the production process;
▶ Each production process strictly according the SOP document;
▶ Writing CAM toolpath automatically performed every cutting process;
▶ Each CNC machines are equipped with an automatic tool changer system;
▶ Each batch of products are own inspection reports, any problem can be traced back production, equipment, IPQC, FQC and all other relevant details, Achieve improvement and upgrading speed and accurate for service and quality.



Simulation processing --equipment testing→First processing inspection→recording the machining size rules→Recording the cutter compensation rules→Recording cutter life→Recording random inspection→check the standard of processing→Finished products .

The whole processing which can avoiding the unsteady-tolerance, scratches and other defects caused by finger touch the parts .

The whole processing which can avoiding the unsteady-tolerance, scratches and other defects caused by finger touch the parts .


Xavier is certificated for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard, and GJB 9001B:2009 military production permit.