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Adress:Area C, Floor 1,Building A3,Yijing Industrial Area, Songbai Road3055#,ShenZhen,Guangdong Province.China

Our inspection equipments & capabilities as following:
1). 3
D CMM (Type Touch)(click to download) 
models: OBM FLY1086
measurement by British rennie salt FLY1086 module and control system for measuring schedule 
X800mm, Y1000mm, Z600mm, 
measuring accuracy < 2.4 μm
  (0.0024 mm) 
functions: 3 d graphics programming model contrast test data analysis data report automatically generated
 Calibration standard: 
(1) Needle correction for each shift, and correction for each change of needle 
(2) using a standard piece of every 4 hours verify accuracy of measurement, 
(3) every 6 months the measurement on the correction

4). PIN Gauge

Non-standard specifications: customized according to product inspection requirements.

Save Environment & use Environment: constant temperature 20- 22 degrees

Accuracy machining capabilities
Manufacturers of high-accuracy, leading-edge products require precision-engineered measurement and inspection equipment that can guarantee definitive accuracy.

Our Machining Accuracy as following:

5). Thread(ed) gauge 

Customized according to product inspection requirements, especially for surface treatment products, the thickness of surface treatment film must be calculated, standard thread gauges must not be used for inspection during screw hole processing, and non-standard thread gauges must be customized for production inspection, Use standard thread gauges in final products to ensure 100% thread quality.

Designing Capabilities
At Xavier, we have a team of designers, engineers and CAD experts to ensure that your project is completed exactly to your specifications. Throughout the process, we’ll help you locate the best materials, equipment and machining capabilities to utilize in order to attain a high-quality, efficient and durable finished product.


Design software: SOLIDWORKS

Programming software:UG


5 Axis programming software: SolidCAM

Visual DMIS measurement software.

Visual DMIS measurement software. 
CAM Software Tools for SolidWorks, AutoCAD and Support Formats:
stp,igs,x_t, step, dwg, dxf, x_b, sat, stl, vda, model, cdl, prt, catpart etc. 


3). Gage Block
Save Environment & use Environment: constant temperature 20- 22 degrees.


2. Specification range 1 μm. precision ≤ 0. 2 μ m (different specifications with corresponding photos)

1. Specification range 10 μm, precision ≤ 0.5 μ m (different specifications with corresponding photos)

6). Caliper & Micrometer(click to download)

Each shift user carries out self-calibration, three-month internal correction, six-month entrustment of third-party metrology correction, the company adopts a special person-specific system of measuring tools, and the relevant personnel is one person per person. All measurement tools are coded, and each gauge is registered in order to ensure the traceability of the measuring tools and test results in order to ensure the traceability of the measuring tools and the results of the inspection in order to ensure the traceability of the measuring tools and the results of the inspection in order to maintain their useful life and daily maintenance.

2). 2D CMM (Optical)(click to download)
Model: OBM VMS03020F
200x focused optical lens,
Measurement itinerary: X300mm, Y200mm,
Measurement accuracy is 0 ±0.01mm
Function: automatic capture of measuring elements, data report production export.
Calibration criteria: 1. Each shift and 4 hours between the use of the standard calibration block for correction; 2, 6 months interval of the whole machine third-party metrological calibration.